How To Build A Dog House?

Pet keeping has become one of the favorite hobbies of people worldwide. It is by far the only way to connect to an animal in the buzz of city life. Again, it gives immense pleasure and joyous moments while interacting with their favorite pets. Pets also serve as objects to build confidence in some people, while for others, it is one definite way to get rid of their day-to-day anxiety and depression.


Although pets can be of several types, The dog is the most popular pet for most people. If you have a dog as a pet, you must have a Dog House built for it to rest and for privacy. A dog house with Teds Woodworking also serves as something that a dog gets attached to even though it can roam free.

You can check here for this DIY pallet house tutorial, where you can get guidance and instructions to build your noble dog house. It will cost you almost nothing, and yet your dog receives a grand-looking dog house that would be the envy of your neighbourhood. There are 3 different types of dog houses for three other breeds, and it comes with a chevron roof.

Supplies And Materials:


First of all, you need to disassemble the Boards of Pallets. You heap the removed pallets into slats. You will get a good idea about this from Teds Woodworking and Teds Woodworking Review. Now select a few sturdy ones and build the base and the whole frame of the dog house as per your preferences and specifications. You can get the configurations if you go through Ted’s woodworking guide.

Tools for Pallet Deconstruction

The tools used for the purpose are Pallet Breaker, Pry Bar, and Hand Hammer.

Measuring Table

It is very important to have a measuring table to keep your plan to cut the wood in the right sizes.

Nail Gun, Claw Hammer, Wood Glue

You need the above three within your reach when trying to join the woods for your dog house.

Sandpaper or Electrical Orbital Sander

It is very important to give the dog house the right type of attractiveness and finishing. Hence, you must sand and grit the dog house frame to create an elegant look of wood. Again, the finishing should be such that the wood glistens on the wood grains. You can get instructions from the preview and while browsing Ted and Teds Woodworking for woodworking.

Hardware Hook

Your dog house must have hooks to fasten the dog rope. But before that, you must build the chevron top with creative adjustments of pallet planks, as you would find in the guide.

How to Paint the Pallet Wood?

Before you begin painting the dog house, you must fill and cover the whole frame on the front and rears completely. You can do this by installing the pallet slats. Meanwhile, you can also create another compartment to store dog food, dog rope, or chain holding.

The next step is to paint the house, but after the dog house has been installed outside the home. There are some great models of dog houses that you can paint and create a unique look for your dog house. You can choose the design in the guide. Teds Woodworking pdf will have it in detail. I highly recommend you to check it out.

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