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Ted’s Woodworking Review – Does It Really WORK Or SCAM?

Teds woodworking is a program that is mainly established to help out beginners build their dream furniture

The problem that most people have with retail is that you cannot always find your dream furniture. Whether it be a chair or a table or just about anything, it is rather difficult to find the exact furniture you want.

It could be something you saw once at a store or something that appeared in your dream one time, but you always remember it.

Woodworking Project

Retail stores may have great furniture, but deep down, you prefer your own custom-made furniture. 

Once you’ve decided on the furniture you want, the next step is to decide whether you’re going to build it or not.

This is exactly what Teds woodworking program helps you to accomplish. 

It gives you detailed plans to help you build your own furniture. It helps you build the project of your dreams and offers you custom building plans to help you out more. 

One of the main problems you will find online is that they generally do not offer you a detailed plan. 

ted's woodworking reviews

So, if you are a beginner starting with your journey, this will be quite difficult for you to start off with. To solve this problem for you, Teds program helps you by providing detailed plans that make you understand the plans easier. 

Rather than having someone else build the furniture for you, you can take pleasure in doing it for yourself. 

Who Is Ted McGrath?

Ted McGrath is the creator of Teds woodworking. He is currently semi-retired. His Woodworking Plans received a lot of positive reviews, and his work became quite popular.

Ted McGrath

Even as a young boy, he was completely in love with woodworking. Even as a child, he took up many classes that were related to woodworking and building. 

As a result of this, his love for this very thing began to develop over a period of time. His work has become quite popular both domestically and internationally. 

He feels that his woodworking skills almost feel like a superpower because he can transform a normal piece of wood into different furniture styles.

He still continues to teach for a technical college and teaches the subject of woodturning to his students. He conducts classes twice a week.

What Does Teds Woodworking Offer?

Ted’s woodworking offers you more than 16000 plans. From there, you can choose the perfect plan that you would be interested in buying. It acts as a guide for beginners to learn from. It goes in-depth about what it offers, and the plans are also mentioned in an extremely detailed manner. It teaches the users how to learn to woodwork and also the skills required for becoming a woodworker

What Ted's Woodworking Offers?

Here is what this program consist:

  • Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Cutting & Materials List
  • Detailed Schematics
  • Views From All Angles
  • Suitable For Beginners & Professionals

Types of Projects Can Be Build With Teds Woodworking

Types of Projects Can Be Build With Ted's Woodworking

There are many projects that the guide offers you. A few examples are that it helps designing furniture for your house, your shed, and other such furniture. 

These were all produced by Ted McGrath, who is the brains behind this project. 

His main aim is to make sure you get to build your dream project. He feels that everyone should get the opportunity to have their dream project, and retails shops should not be a barrier preventing their customers from getting their dream project. 

Detailed woodworking plan by ted's woodworking

He also believes that building your own furniture will give you a great amount of satisfaction and happiness since you built it yourself. This has been in the works for almost two years. He has been planning this for a long time to perfect the formula.

Ted McGrath claims that this is one of the most detailed guides that is ever offered online. He claims that he has worked for this long and gotten the best possible outcome. He believes that his plan will help millions who are getting started on woodworking. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • A great selection: one of the greatest advantages of using this service is that they offer a huge collection of projects to choose from. They have more than 16000 projects that you can choose from, making it easier for you to find your dream project.
  • A detailed guide: this offers one of the most detailed guides that are found on the internet. One of the main problems people face regarding other online plans is that they do not provide detailed information, which does not help the beginners’ users, as they will have no prior knowledge of this.
  • Worked on for two years: this project has been worked on for two years, which means that much research goes into it. Ted McGrath has worked on this project for quite some time to make sure it is perfect.  
  • Services all over year: the services provided are 24/7. This means that if you purchase the product, you will get add-ons along with your product free of cost. The guide offers you the information you need in an extremely organized manner. This makes it easier to find what you are searching for.
  • Four bonuses: Ted’s woodworking provided four bonuses in its package. The first is that it gives you different ways to do your project by altering the provided pre-existing styles. The second and third bonus is that you get 150 videos and a book on woodworking for beginners. The third is a guide with over 200 tips on this.
  • Expensive: the disadvantage of using ted’s woodworking is that it is quite expensive and is not free. It starts at $67. The actual book price is much higher. It is generally sold for $297, but it sold only for $67. Despite having this drawback, if you are not happy with the product or the guides are not helpful for you, a refund is generally given by ted to the consumers, this is great since it makes the customers trust the product more. Although the product is rather expensive, it offers a lot of other advantages which overpower the disadvantages. It is a great investment.

Teds Woodworking Features

16,000 Projects

You will get access to more than 16,000 projects. This will give you the ability to learn the project step-by-step and give you the opportunity to look at a large number of projects and help you choose the right one. It also gives you a list of materials required.

Videos Tutorials

There are many tutorial videos to help you understand how to woodwork better. Since this is extremely beneficial for beginners, the tutorials are mainly targeted to help beginners understand how to build their own furniture better.

Beginners to Pros Friendly

It also offers you a total of 150 videos on woodworking. These are all taken by a craftsman who is an expert in this field. This is beneficial to both beginners as well as pros since they can understand woodworking easier.

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Customer Reviews

Ted’s woodworking reviews are mainly positive and are greatly appreciated by his previous customers. 

I use Teds woodworking and appreciate how organized the guide is. Usually, when you look online and download a pdf, you will have to go through many pages before finding the one you like. However, Teds program provides the information in a nice little bundle, which was perfect for finding the exact plan I was looking for.

Callum Martin

Callum Martin

I can wholeheartedly agree that I am completely getting my money’s worth. At first, I was rather skeptical, but I began to understand how great the product is over time. There are a lot of plans that help you more than you realize. These plans are generally not available elsewhere, which makes them extremely precious. There are also extra added bonuses that I got when I purchase the pack. This will make it worth the money you spend on the product.

Samuel Phillips

Samuel Phillips

Teds woodworking has honestly been a source of inspiration for me. It pushed me to build more and also provided me with extremely useful projects and guides that I used to build my own furniture. Once you get started on building, you start enjoying this more and more.

Jake Livingston

Jake Livingston

Final Verdict 

Overall, Teds woodworking is a great product to get and to invest in. If you are a beginner who is just getting started, It offers great deals and various other benefits by just purchasing the product. You can also keep the plans for future use.

The guide has been extremely helpful for the past customers as they have all begun to work towards the furniture of their dreams. One of the biggest disadvantages of using retail stores and online stores is finding the exact furniture you are looking for.

Building your furniture, yourself!

Rather than giving it to someone else to customize it for you, it will be more valuable if you work on it yourself. It will also help you learn a new skill and is much cheaper than getting furniture made. 

Once you start getting the hang of making the furniture, you can start spending your free time doing so and learn new things about woodworking. Teds woodworking helps you achieve this satisfaction by making it easier to work on a new project.

It provides you with the blueprints you need in an extremely organised manner, making it much simpler for you to start woodworking. It is a great place to start and is helpful for both beginners as well as professionals.

Who I Am

Andrew C. Lane

Hey! I an Andrew C. Lane, owner fo ProWoodWorkingGuide.com.

I have created this website to share my personal experience with Teds Woodworking. I will also share the knowledge I have got while leaning and doing wood working plan.

If I brief about the “Ted’s Woodworking” package, then I would say that that is one of the best collection of wood working plan I have ever reviewed. You simply must get this, especially if you are just getting started in woodworking. As far as I am concerned, this is a bargain. The level of detail will set a new standard in the field.

This package helped me a lot. In fact I hope it will do the same for you. Stay healthy.. Stay Home..

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  3. It’s really wonderful. Teds woodworking is exactly what we are looking for, Teds woodworking has completely surpassed our expectations.

  4. We are totally new to this field, but with the help of Teds woodworking 16000 Projects plans we built lots of furniture and got success in the business.

  5. It all worked out, Thanks a lot for your testimony which helped a lot. I just purchased, everything arriver in email and everything has worked out.

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